I moved to Prague in 2010. I gave up my UK job as a class 1 truck driver, at this point I didn't have a clue what I was going to do in The Czech Republic. So, after refurbishing our flat that I initially moved to , I thought what will I do, even though I was loving the time off and exploring Prague, I had to start earning.

I fell into this business really, luckily I got a transfer agreement with a hotel, that lasted about a year, until it was sold and closed down, so, I decided I will create a website and do it for myself and here we are.

Me with my eldest two, Nadaya and Joseph 🙂

I make sure I see them as often as often as I can, they live in the UK.


My other two, Sofie and Michaela. Yeah I like to spread them out a bit, stopped at 4!


Another of me with my eldest, a favourite picture of ours